052 - Proud Mary

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About the song

Written by J. C. Fogerty.
Arranged by Johnie Vinson.
Originally recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival and covered by Ike & Tina Turner.


Played as fast as possible.

Other's Recordings


The original version of this song, by CCR, is just over 3 minutes in length. Our arrangement, played at the correct tempo, would be about the same. The song, however, is not particularly "peppy", so at some point, it was decided that the song should be played faster. This modification snowballed into an odd tradition of playing the song as fast as humanly possible - previously referred to as "on crack" in order to differentiate from playing it normally. The current "record time" on this song is somewhere around 42 seconds, which translates to a tempo of approximately quarter note = 360, or about 6 beats per second.

At the recording of America's Pep Band in 2001, it was clocked at 56.5 seconds.

America's Pep Band (album)
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Live from TSBMH 2008
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