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About this song

Written by Mort Stevens.
Arranged by Hal Leonard.
Originally recorded by The Ventures.

Instrumentation requirements

Needs a large brass section, and the song starts with a drum solo.


The song starts with a three measure drum solo, leading into a pickup for the melody in measure four.


This is the theme song to the 1968-1980 TV show of the same name.

This song is usually only played if RPI is ever winning five goals/touchdowns/etc. to none over their opponent. When that happens, this is played instead of Hail after the score. In this shortened version of the song, we end it just before section B. In recent years, Hawaii Five-O has sometimes been played if RPI scores five unanswered goals/touchdowns/etc. This is generally recommended against, as the song was only originally intended to be played for a 5-0 score in our favor.

As of the end of the 2006-2007 season, it seems to be generally okay again to play it as a regular song. To quote the fans, "The fans love it!"


Some fans (from one of the frat sections, one usually carrying a paddle emblazoned with "Hawaii Five-O") will sometimes yell across the arena to the band "PLAY HAWAII FIVE-O!" If the band doesn't feel like playing it (which is frequently), we respond by playing the first three-plus measures of the song (the drum solo), and instead of coming in in the fourth measure yell "PSYCHE!" This tradition seems to have died down, as until recently it was generally accepted that the band would only play Hawaii Five-O when the team was up 5-0.

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