099 - Rock Around the Clock

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About this song

"Rock Around the Clock" was written by Max C. Freedman and Jimmy De Knight (James E. Meyers), and was originally recorded by Bill Haley and The Comets. This version of the song was arranged by Zane van Auken.

Instrumentation requirements

Trumpets have the melody at A, and trombones/mellophones have the melody at C-D. However, this song is played after any win usually regardless of instrumentation.


This song is played as written, except that at D the mellophones will usually take the melody up an octave.


Saxes and mellos swing left on beat 1 and right on beat 3 of each measure in section A except for the first and second endings, when they'll point their horns upward.


This song is played after games that the team has won, or in any other events that the band feels it has won. It is played shortly after Hail at the end of the game. This song is always played right before Hey Baby, and as such, these two songs always appear on the same page at the end of the active set.

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