161 - Freeze Frame

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About this song

Originally recorded by J. Geils Band. This version was arranged specifically for the RPI Pep Band by Michael Steele, class of 1995.

Instrumentation requirements

Full instrumetation is required for this arrangement, as melody, harmony, counterpoint, etc. are scattered throughout the sections somewhat randomly. Also, there are no parts for tenor drum, glockenspiel, or auxiliary percussion.


It is difficult to see, but the D.S. is at 8 measures before the the end of the repeated section. Go to the coda 6 measures after the end of the repeated section. The entire repeated section should probably not be repeated if time is an issue, since it isn't necessary.


This arrangement was created specifically for the band by Michael Steele, class of 1995.

Except for the baritones every section has a unique tempo marking, usually named for a member of each respective section:

  • Flute - Allegro con Kiona
  • Clarinet - Tempo di Brown
  • Alto Sax - Moderato lynnosso
  • Tenor Sax - Moderato menyukoso
  • Bari Sax - Adaveio
  • Trumpet 1 - Allegro poco a peteo
  • Trumpet 2 - Drive it home!
  • Trumpet 3 - Paulo allegretto
  • F Horn - Alloegro quasi steeleioso
  • Trombone 1 - Presto shearerstosa
  • Trombone 2 - Cutlero non troppo
  • Baritone - None
  • Tuba - Edspressivo
  • Snare Drum - Presto con gusto
  • Bass Drum - Vivace con ruhsamo
  • Cymbals - Crashing