164 - Carry On Wayward Son

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About the song

Written by Kerry Livgren.
Arranged by Michael Sweeney.
Originally recorded by Kansas.

Instrumentation requirements

This song needs at least 4 or 5 trumpets, with at least two on first.


To better match the original recording, the song starts with a trumpet soli (the original starts with 8 measures a cappella). The trumpets start at measure 26 and play through the end of measure 32, then there is a measure of drums, then the song starts back at measure 1. From there, it is played as written.

Other's Recordings

YouTube Video - Kansas


This song was introduced by conductor Ray Kim in 1996. It has since been a long-standing staple of the band. It will likely never be retired.

America's Pep Band (album)
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7. Mexican Cheer 8. Carry on Wayward Son 9. Final Countdown

Pep Band 2006 CD
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3. The Star Spangled Banner 4. Carry on Wayward Son 5. I'm a Believer

Live in Québec 2008
Previous track Current track Next track
5. Anthems (The Star Spangled Banner and O Canada) 6. Carry on Wayward Son 7. Children of Sanchez