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Senior Manager: Rick (a.k.a. "Tuba") Peck
Assistant Manager: Dave Cole
Freakout opponent: UNH (lost 2-3(ot))
Gift: cowbell

Road Trips




  • Men's Hockey: Quarterfinals @ Dartmouth: RPI lost.


  • Often while conducting, Tuba wore the old, white drum major's uniform.
  • The night before the football game against Union, the Pep Band played at a pep rally held behind the Houston Fieldhouse where there was a huge bonfire.
  • At one of the home football games, the Pep Band performed a half-time show which consisted of marching onto the field, stopping in a simple formation (like forming an "R"), playing a tune, and marching into a different formation.
  • During this hockey season, RPI played the USA Olympic Hockey team which, three or four weeks later, won the gold medal. RPI lost 9-3.
  • RPI hockey player Steve Stoyanovich, who graduated this year, went on to play in the NHL for the New England (Hartford) Whalers. He was the first RPI hockey player to go on to play in the NHL. RPI goalie Kevin Constantine went on to become an NHL head coach for the San Jose Sharks (after, so we heard, being expelled from RPI when he crashed his car into the Fire Dept. on 15th St. while already on disciplinary and academic probation.)
  • Basketball band was run by Rich Hart, Class of '80, Trumpet, this year and attendance was very small. This was the last year of basketball band.
  • Playing at women's hockey games gained popularity.

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