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Senior Band Manager: Dave Cole, Class of '82, Saxophone
Assistant Band Manager: Neal Lassinger, Class of '82, Trombone
Freakout opponent: Boston College (lost 1-4)
Gift: New Year's Eve-type noisemakers

The hockey team's slogan this year was "Come Watch Us Hustle" and the coach asked that they play "The Hustle" (famous 70's disco tune) during warm-ups. Dave Cole and Jim Koch arranged "The Hustle" for the Pep Band from memory and by calling a radio station and having them play it. Years later it was discovered in the music archives that the Pep Band had already owned an arrangement of "The Hustle" from years past.

During the second intermission of this Freakout, nine of the female Pep Band Members lined up at the front of the stage and, while the Pep Band played The Stripper, proceeded to remove their pants and other outerwear revealing long, white t-shirts which spelled out "LETS GO RED".

This year (or maybe the next) was the first year that the RPI cheerleaders attended hockey games.

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