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Senior Manager: Neal Lassinger
Co-Assistant Manager: Kitty Pfister Harvey
Co-Assistant Manager: Bryan Amore
Freakout opponent: Cornell (lost 4-7)
Gift: Pennant and Clicker

Road Trips





  • The night before the football game against Union, the Pep Band played at a pep rally held behind the Houston Field House where there was a huge bonfire.
  • In the December 2, 1981 issue of the Poly, a full page story was devoted to the Pep Band. Quotes: "Former hockey head coach Jim Salfi once said that this group added a goal a game. Current hockey head coach Mike Addessa sent out a letter last January commending their performance, giving them his 'total endorsement', and stating 'the most significant contribution that I feel our band has made to our program stems from their presence and support at various games that we play on the road away from the friendly confines of the Houston Field House'".
  • RPI hockey player Mike McPhee, who graduated this year, went on to play in the NHL for the Montreal Canadiens.
  • At the previous season's elections for Assistant Band Manager, there was a tie (or near-tie) in votes for the two candidates, so Kitty Pfister and Bryan Amore agreed to be Co-Assistant Band Managers.

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