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Co-Senior Manager: Kitty Pfister Harvey
Co-Senior Manager: Bryan Amore
Assistant Manager: Meri Gordon Stevens
Freakout opponent: SLU (won 8-1)
Gift: Three-foot long horns

Road Trips

  • The Pep Band traveled (by car) to the football team's game against Union.
  • Empire Cup Tournament held in Glens Falls, where RPI lost to Clarkson and Colgate. During the second night, we went over and played along with the Clarkson band during their game against St. Lawrence and then they came over and played along with us during our game against Colgate.
  • The Pep Band also traveled to Cornell (Friday) and Princeton (Saturday) and stayed overnight in Princeton. At Princeton, around half of the crowd was rooting for RPI since the band was there, 500 local alumni attended, a bunch of people made the trip from Troy, and the Princeton supporters were very sparse.




  • Men's Hockey: Quarterfinals @ Harvard: RPI lost both nights. We stayed overnight in Cambridge.


  • While conducting, Bryan wore the old, white drum major's uniform.
  • The slogan for the RPI hockey team this year was "Fire On Ice".

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