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Conductor: Dave O'Neill
Managers: Luigi Giasi, Bill Smith
Freakout opponent: Yale (lost 4-5)
Gift: Bandanna

Road Trips

  • Clarkson - One night stand, 4 15-people vans were used. The band cheered the team as they boarded the bus. We got a very stoic "Thanks Guys" from Addessa.
  • Football to Union - Rowdy and drunk Union fans caused problems.




Men's: Quarters at Harvard (eliminated)

  • When coach Addessa heard that the band wasn't planning on going to Harvard, he called Bill Smith asking the band to make an appearance. Bill quickly organized a van and small band on that same day.


  • The first (and only) "Not Necessarily the Homecoming Queen" contest. The Pep Band entered Anne Ferraro.
  • For the parade we had a "Hawaii Five-O" theme.
  • The big tradition: throwing the officers into a snow bank.
  • The Clarkson band and the RPI band combine for a song on stage.
  • Coach Addessa resigns after being accused of making 'racial remarks' to the team.
  • Performances at Frosh Parade. Ben and Jerry's on Lark St. becomes a post-game tradition.

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