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Conductor: Jason Bell
Managers: Joe Padua, Adam Selsey
Freakout opponent: SLU (Lost 4-5)
Gift: Pom-pom

Road Trips

December 2, 1989: Men's Hockey @ Princeton (Unofficial)

Unofficial one night stand to Princeton (Lost 3-5). Several cars were used for carpooling, and Anne Ferraro's family fed the band after the game. Jerry Lenaz's father (an RPI alumnus and Princeton faculty member) bought the band tickets for the game.

February 2, 1990: Men's Hockey @ Brown

Men's hockey one night stand to Brown (Won 10-5). Stole the Pep Band on Ice idea from Brown, and gave them high fives when they were done.

February 3, 1990: Men's Hockey @ Yale

Men's hockey one night stand to Yale (Won 9-7). The Saturday after the Brown game, this trip was made possible with the support of the Hartford Chapter of the Rensselaer Alumni Association.

February 16-17, 1990: Men's Hockey @ Dartmouth & Harvard

Men's hockey overnight to Dartmouth (Won 7-4) and Harvard (Lost 3-7). There is nothing in Hanover, and some members got car sick because of the hilly trip there. The next day the band hung out in Boston before the game. Some people went to the aquarium, and some to 'Cheers'. Dinner was at 'The No Name'.

March 10-11, 1990: Men's Hockey vs. Cornell & Colgate (ECAC Championship in Boston, MA)

Men's hockey overnight to Boston, MA for the ECAC Championship. The games were held at the Boston Garden, and the team played Cornell in the semifinal (Won 3-2) and Colgate in the final (Lost 4-5). On the first day of the trip the bus did a 3 point turn in downtown Boston. After losing the championship game, the team was later cheated out of a bid to the NCAA tournament (Clarkson beat RPI twice this season, taking their spot in the tournament).



The football team did not play any postseason games this year.


  • ECAC Tournament
    • Round 1 - Bye.
    • Quarterfinals vs. Brown - Won in two games, 5-3 and 6-4.
      • The band performed at the Alumni House. During one of the games the Brown Band and RPI band performed a song together, but the Brown Band didn't join the band on stage.
    • Semifinal vs. Cornell - Won 3-2.
    • Championship vs. Colgate - Lost 4-5.


  • Buddy Powers replaced Mike Addesa as the new men's hockey coach. Addesa resigned in the prior year after being accused of making "racial remarks" to the team.
  • "Land Shark" is added to the Toll Booth Song.
  • Money is raised by raffling off autographed hockey sticks and programs donated by the team.
  • Signs (especially for the Goalie Cheer) make an appearance.
  • The band also performed at the Hockey Line Pizza Party and the Frosh Parade.

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