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Conductor: Jim Cronen
Managers: Chris Farrar, Tim Martin
Freakout opponent: Union (tied 3-3)
Gift: foam noodle

Road Trips

  • Union hockey (Won 7-2). Bass drum and trumpet player hit by oranges.
  • One night stand to Dartmouth (4-3(OT)).
  • Overnight to Cornell (Won 4-3) and Colgate (Tied 4-4), Cornell threw one hell of a party!
  • Unofficial Roadtrip: Princeton (Tied 2-2). This was the first time the band was allowed back to Princeton in a number of years (don't know how many, but there are no road trips to Princeton listed in the band history, so you get an idea). It was actually done as part of a New Years' party at which quite a few band members attended, and we all trucked down to the game to play unannounced.




  • ECAC Quarterfinals: vs. Cornell: Lost in 3 games, 4-5, 3-0, 4-5.


  • Pep Band almost barred from Field House for Freakout, let in by Pres. Pipes. Editorial appearing in following week's Poly (written by future manager) about incident causes much agitation for Athletic Department.
  • New Big Red Chicken suit.
  • Pres. Pipes resigns (and there was much rejoicing).

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