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The 2001-02 officers

Conductor: Tim (TIMMAH!) Vanderpoel
Managers: Erica Baer and Mark Matarazzo
Freakout opponent: Clarkson (Won 4-3 with only 2.1 seconds remaining on the clock in OT after trailing 3-0 with 12:00 left in the 3rd!)
Gift: Puckman bean bag dolls!

Road Trips

  • Union hockey (Lost 4-5). The oranges got them a penalty though...
  • Overnight to Harvard (Won 5-1) and Brown (Lost 1-2). Stayed in the same hotel as our hockey team and Union's...




  • Had the same bus driver for all the road trips...
  • The company from whom we ordered rugby shirts was unable to provide them, but also had a reluctance/inability to give us our money back, so we took them to court.

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