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This page is for memorable quotes from the 2006-2007 season. See here for rules on editing this page.

General Quotes

"Tickets.com, this is Yuri." -Yuri Koester

"Tim, my esophagus feels all Christmassy." -Mike Joseph, after many shots of Peppermint Schnapps

"I'm thinking of a number between one and asshole." -Mike Joseph
"That number is douchebag, my friend." -Jim Scott [his roommate]

"You see this many people walk in with the same shirt on and it's either a sports team, a fraternity, or... a cult." -Steve Mulick at TGI Friday's, when 16 of us went for dinner after a game
"We're totally the third one!" -Chris Behrens

"That's no excuse, get it back in your pants!" -Andrew Bickford

"Warm up the sheep!" -Neil Havlak, after a Colgate band chant of "Warm up the bus!"

"What haven't I done to Rachel Ray?" -Andrew Bickford

"It's like Clarkson and The Final Countdown had an ugly baby." -Steve Mulick, commenting on an über version of the Clarkson Death March

"You don't need a gong for James Bond, it just helps." -Dave Siebecker

"Wait, did you just say the dragon had 7 heads and 10 horns?" -Andrew Bickford
"Yeah." -Steve Mulick
"That's not an even number of horns per head!" -Andrew Bickford
"It's the f***ing bible. What do you expect?" -Gary Russinko

"That's what she said!" -The Band

Manager Quotes

"I'm the master of the rim job." -Gary Russinko

"I am as content as a platypus eating carrots in spring, in June." -Chris Behrens

"We've got to maintain denausible pliability." -Gary Russinko

"There's so much head!" -Gary Russinko

"Trumpets, one three! ...two. Shit." -Gary Russinko

"Yeah, you can feel all of that heat coming out of the laptop when it's on your lap." -Dan Schwarting
"Feel all those Joules... on your jewels." -Gary Russinko

"Ti he he he he he hee!" -Gary Russinko, sissy laugh after bowling

Conductor Quotes

"Up at the break: 142, Gimme' Some Lovin'!" -Dan Schwarting
"NO!" -The Band
"438, Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" -Dan
"NO!" -The Band

"So back on topic, bowling with midgets?" -Dan Schwarting

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