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This page is for memorable quotes from the 2007-2008 season. See here for rules on editing this page.

General Quotes

"I'm a finisher now!" -Tim Fill

"I'm 7 for 11 from on top of Gary's shoulders, and 2 for 3 with a Coors Light box on my head." -Tim Fill

"Hey Red! You're still skating in straight lines! TAKE MORE SHOTS!" -James Lauser

"Put it in Natalie Mode!" -Chris Behrens (Clarkson-SLU trip)

"We're at Clarkson already?" -Chris Behrens
"So this is what hell looks like." -Chris Behrens

"It's the good kind of crazy, it's the crazy kind of crazy." -Mike Joseph (Clarkson-SLU trip)

"Damnit Garr, you're not my girlfriend." -Dan Schwarting (Clarkson-SLU trip)

"How can you not like steak tips? They're meat candy!" -Drew Hoyt

"Guess what I have?" -Angelina
"I don't know, but I don't have pants on" -Gary (Florida trip)

"Oooone minute, and Clarkson still lacks moral fiber!" - Carlos Perea, after a squabble with an usher at the St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa FL. The usher was angry at the group of fans for shouting "YOU SUCK!" when Notre Dame was introduced.

"That was soooo close to my mind." -Drew Hoyt

"Wasn't Black Friday on a Sunday?" -Ken Rios

"That was so bad, it was worse than Rocky Five!" -Jeff Jones to the CUP Band after they botched "Gonna Fly Now" and "Eye of the Tiger" in consecutive stoppages.

"The centrifuge will separate things out by destiny." -Curtis
"Don't you mean by density?" -Bickford
"No, it'll separate things by destiny." -Curtis
"Centrifuge of Destiny. That would be a great band name." -Schildhorn
"Yeah, but the band would have to be something ridiculous like a trombone quartet or something." -Bickford
"I have an idea!" -Drew

"It's like you're lamb, and I'm tuna fish." -Will
"Tunalamb?" -Leah

"Ok..Ok...everyone...I have a story. One time, there was this guy, who was king, and he said SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" - Jeff Jones

"So, on a scale of one to awesome how loud is this party?" -Chris
"Douchebag." -Gary

"Stay in milk, don't do school." -Chris Behrens after elections.

Manager Quotes

"Tim, you should try this. It's yum." -Gary, on O'Doul-Aid

"Shirley-Ann fanfiction!" -Natalie
"Shirley-Ann walked into the room, her eyes glowing...I can't do this!" -Gary

Conductor Quotes

"Not to be overcritical, but when you play like that it sounds like ass." -Mike Franke

"Do we want to do The Stripper?" -Mike Franke

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