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The 2008-09 officers

Conductor: Steve Malinski
Managers: Bonnie Domigan, Kevin Schildhorn
Freakout opponent: Yale (Lost 1-4)
Gift: T-Shirt

Road Trips

October 10-11, 2008: If you die in Canada, you die in real life

Men's hockey overnight vs. Vermont (Lost 1-4) in Québec City, PQ. The trip was partially funded by the Athletic Department in part to try to improve the atmosphere at the game. This goal was achieved, as the band brought over 50 members to the season opener.

The game was held at the Pavillon de la Jeunesse, roughly a 7 hour drive from Troy. The band drove up to Québec the night before the game to avoid any potential traffic issues from making the band late for the Saturday game. On the morning of game day much of the band explored Old Québec, a walled part of the city. Later at the game, the Canadian fans cheered for Vermont most of the time. This was probably due to the overwhelming RPI fan and band support present (Vermont didn't bring a band). It was a close game for the first two periods, but Vermont scored 3 unanswered goals in the third period to take the win. On the way back from the game the border through which the band entered Canada was closed, forcing the bus to backtrack and find another way home across the border.

Steve Malinski recorded the band playing at the game, which can be heard here.

Regarding the title of this section, in one of the final emails leading up to the trip Bonnie Domigan wrote the following: "Don't forget that you are representing RPI on this trip, so please behave responsibly. And remember: if you die in Canada, you die in real life." The last sentence is a reference to this webcomic.

October 24-25, 2008: Men's Hockey, Governor's Cup

Men's hockey day trips to the Times Union Center for the Governor's Cup (Tied 1-1 vs. Union (Lost in shootout), Won 2-1 vs. Robert Morris).

Novemeber 16, 2008: Women's Hockey @ Union

Women's hockey day trip to Union (Won 2-1).

December 5-6, 2008: Women's Hockey @ Quinnipiac & Princeton, Men's Hockey @ Yale

Due to the short distance between Quinnipiac and Yale (~10 miles) and fortunate scheduling, the band traveled to three away games over two days. The women's team won their games against Quinnipiac and Princeton (2-1 and 3-2 respectively) while the men's team lost to Yale 3-7.

January 23-24, 2009: Men's Hockey @ St. Lawrence & Clarkson

Men's hockey overnight to St. Lawrence (Won 7-6 (OT)) and Clarkson (Lost 3-4 (OT)). RPI beat St. Lawrence 9 seconds into overtime. SLU's fans heckled the RPI band to the point of throwing trash at the band. Although Clarkson beat RPI the next night, it was more welcoming to be at Cheel Arena and hear "RPI still sucks" from the Clarkson fans than to be at the SLU game.

January 30, 2009: Men's Hockey @ Dartmouth

Men's hockey one night stand to Dartmouth (Lost 2-5).

February 7, 2009: Men's Hockey @ Union

Men's hockey day trip to Union (Lost 1-2 (OT)).

March 6-8, 2009: Then a miracle occurs...

Men's/Women's hockey overnight (Men @ Dartmouth (Won 3-2 (OT), Won 3-1), Women @ Harvard (Won 3-2 (2OT) vs. Harvard, Lost 1-6 vs. Dartmouth)).

March 13-15, 2009: Men's Hockey @ Cornell....now self clearing!

Men's hockey overnight to Cornell (Won 1-0, Lost 0-4, Lost 3-4).

Regular Season


Men's Hockey

Women's Hockey



  • ECAC North Atlantic Bowl vs. Alfred: Won 34-31.

Men's Hockey

  • ECAC Tournament
    • Round 1 @ Dartmouth: Won in 2 games (3-2 (OT) and 3-1).
    • Quarterfinals @ Cornell: Lost in 3 games (1-0, 0-4, and 3-4).

Women's Hockey

  • ECAC Tournament
    • Quarterfinals @ Princeton: Won in 2 games (2-1 (2OT) and 1-0).
    • Semifinals @ Harvard: Won 3-2 (OT).
    • Championship @ Dartmouth: Lost 1-6.


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