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About this song

"Hey! Baby" was written by Margaret Cobb and Bruce Channel, and was originally recorded by Bruce Channel in 1961. This version of the song is arranged by Tom Wallace.

Instrumentation requirements

This song is traditionally started by one or more sousaphones. If there aren't any sousas available, then a trombone or bari sax can fill in as needed.


This song (as played after a win) starts at the pickup to measure 11 with just sousaphones playing. The rest of the band claps along, while the sousas are gradually joined by the rest of the low brass. In the third phrase of the beginning ("If you'll be my girl"), a trombone or two plays the bass line in thirds. At the end of this phrase the entire band (those playing the bass line included) comes in playing at the 2nd beat of measure 9, repeating from the 2nd beat of measure 9 to the second beat of measure 17 three times. The melody is played the 1st and 3rd times through, and sung with clapping by everyone except the sousaphones the 2nd time through. At the end of the third time through, the bass line stops on the 1st beat of measure 11, ending the song.


This song is played after games that the team has won, or in any other events that the band feels it has won. It is always played immediately after Rock Around the Clock, and as such, these two songs always appear on the same page at the end of the active set.


Recording from Publishers Arranging Co.

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