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Black Friday started during the 2003-2004 season to honor the passing of women's hockey coach Bill Cahill and equipment manager Tom Cavosie. This game now takes place on the first home ECAC Hockey game of the season. Free admission is given to all students wearing black, and members of the band are given black t-shirts which they wear over their regular rugby shirts. The team also wears special black jerseys for the game which are raffled off for charity afterwards. In 2010, Black Friday was replaced with Black Saturday due to the home-and-home weekend with Union being the first ECAC weekend involving a home game. RPI is 9-2-2 all-time in Black Friday games.

Past Opponents and Results

2017-2018: Union L 2-4
2016-2017: Union L 1-4
2015-2016: Union W 3-2
2014-2015: Union W 6-1
2013-2014: Harvard T 3-3
2012-2013: Union L 2-4
2011-2012: Yale L 0-2
2010-2011: Union W 4-3 OT
2009-2010: Yale W 5-2
2008-2009: Harvard W 3-2
2007-2008: Yale T 1-1
2006-2007: Princeton W 4-3 OT
2005-2006: Quinnipiac W 4-2
2004-2005: Clarkson W 5-3
2003-2004: Vermont W 7-1

Black Friday T-shirts

Every year for Black Friday the band is given a set of Black Friday t-shirts by the Athletic Department. It has been tradition since the first Black Friday to wear the t-shirts over the band's usual rugby shirts to match the crowd which is also encouraged to wear black for the game. Starting in the 2014-2015 season, the band stopped recieving T-Shirts.

Past Shirt Designs