Brass Bonanza

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About this cheer

"Brass Bonanza" was written by Jack Say in 1975. The Hartford Whalers used this song as their goal song while they still existed. It used to be referred to as "Hartford Whalers Victory March".

Instrumentation requirements

Really goes without saying, but this cheer sounds the best with a lot of brass (with an emphasis on low brass to belt out the bass line).


After the band finishes playing this cheer, a chant of "!! Hartford....doesn't exist!" usually follows. During the November 10, 2006 women's roadtrip at Quinnipiac, Hartford was temporarily replaced by Northford in this chant. Later that season Harvard and finally Clarkson took that spot, and the chant was always concluded with "Doesn't exist!" even if the said location really did exist at the time. It is unclear if this tradition still occurs in the band today.

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