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Brown Band on Ice

The Brown Band is the pep band of the Brown Bears, one of the other teams in ECAC Hockey. Established in 1924, the Brown Band plays at home and away football games as well as hockey and basketball games. They supposedly put hockey before basketball, but during our 2007 visit we were the only band in attendance at the hockey game save for a few percussionists showing up after their basketball game had ended.

The Brown Band is most famous among members of the RPI band as being the "Pep Band on Ice" - at the end of some of their home games, the Brown Band straps on skates to perform a field show while skating around the rink.

Recent Visits

The Brown Band has not been to RPI in recent memory - their last visit was probably in the early 1990s.

Shared Song Arrangements

The Brown Band is not known to share any song arrangements with RPI.

Contact Info

  • The Brown Band's Corresponding Secretary should be contacted at least three weeks prior to any visits per their request.
  • Contact info for the rest of the Brown Band's Band Board can be found here.

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