Casey Addy

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Casey Addy EMAC, CSCI '08



  • Will shout "Halftime!" with 10 minutes to go in the second period (it's appropriate).
  • Will suggest 055 - The Brighter Side of Christmas, as he wishes the Christmas spirit to be around everyday.
  • Uses improvisation to guide what to play, rather than the music, as he was strongly discouraged to totally rely upon music for everything.
  • Will attend mass at the C+CC before Saturday Night hockey games.
  • Has and will create strong friendships with people in the band.
  • Doesn't attend most of the parties that people hold, as he always has homework to do.
  • Comes from a rock/metal background: it shows in his playing.
  • Will always call for a drum set for every hockey game.
  • Hates the marching feel and sound, as his high school career revolved around this not-so favorable style.