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About this cheer

Chris Sommers is not usually actively called by the conductor. It is used extensively by the trombone section to veto a cheer (typically Tarantella) that they either aren't ready to play or don't want to play. It is also used to fill any quiet moments when there is no cheer called and no music is playing on the PA system (some exceptions being times when the quiet is appropriate such as a moment of silence, a player down, etc). This cheer can only be started by a trombone, but a bari sax or a sousaphone has been known to occasionally impede on this tradition. For this cheer the louder and more annoying the starting trombonist is, the better. Also, during the last phrase of this cheer there is an optional harmony part in thirds for one or two trumpets.

Instrumentation requirements

This cheer is started by a single trombone.


Some band members finish this cheer by saying "Down at Fraggle Rock!", because of the similarity of this cheer to the theme song for Fraggle Rock. Since it's in a vocal range that is not very loud, some band members have taken to repeating the last five notes of the cheer instead as a stinger.

One memorable playing of this cheer was in fall 2007 when Josh Elser started it on a sousaphone in the key of concert A. When the rest of the band came in, they naturally modulated into the original key of concert B flat.

During the 2007 unofficial road trip to Tampa, FL, this cheer was started by Chris Behrens on an alto sax due to the lack of trombonists in the group of 8 that made the trip.

During the road trip to Green Bay, the flute section started this cheer, confusing the rest of the band.

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