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About this cheer

This cheer is the main theme from The Daily Show with John Stewart. This version was arranged by Dan Schwarting '08.

The inspiration for this cheer was partially taken from the Ohio State marching band, who was filmed playing the song while the Daily Show was at OSU for a week filming their "Battlefield Ohio" series before the 2006 mid-term elections. The low brass parts are loosely based on this arrangement's harmonies, although the instrumentation had to be messed with quite a bit to account for the usual trumpet-heaviness of the RPI band.

Instrumentation requirements

As with most of the short cheers, it can be played with fairly weak instrumentation if need be. Trumpets and the high woodwinds (from alto sax on up) have the melody, and the remainder of the band has harmony parts.


Daily Show was added to the cheer sheets in January 2007 as part of a cheer sheet rewrite to make the print more legible (and to add cheers). This cheer is always stopped after four times through, even if there is more time left in a break in play - it is short and repetitive, and would get boring or annoying if it went on too much further. As with most short repetitive musical cheers, there is an unwritten understood stinger after the last run through.

The mellophones alone have a slightly different part involving the occasional sixteenth note. Dan was a mellophone player, and felt the need to throw a little something extra in there for the less-loved member of the brass family. However this part isn't necessary to play the cheer, as it's only an embellishment of the other harmony parts.