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About this cheer

This cheer is an arrangement of the Gary Glitter song "Rock and Roll Part 2", originally recorded in 1972. It is more famously known as "The Hey Song".

This cheer isn't usually called during a game. Instead, it is played both immediately after The Star Spangled Banner at the beginning of the game, and right before the beginning of the third period of hockey games. In both cases the cheer starts out relatively slowly, getting faster each time around. The cheer ends as close to the drop of the puck as possible, or when the cheer becomes too fast to speed up anymore.

Instrumentation requirements

The bass drum starts this cheer and controls the tempo from start to finish.


On the first two notes, swing your instrument left then right, and after these notes switch directions once per measure, holding the third long measure for 6 beats instead of 4. So the two note pickup goes left, right, then the next 4 beats instrument stays left, the following 4 right, then the 6 after that left again. The whole process repeats twice, but with left and right switched each time so you're always going from one side to the other. The conductor will usually make a large and noticeable movement in the direction your instrument should be pointed in case you get lost.

When you get to the chorus section, make sure to yell "Hey!" at the fourth beat and feel free to pump your fist in the air if able.


This cheer is almost always followed by someone starting the cheer Go Go Go You Red Red Red.

This cheer likely got its name because of the 1988 single "Doctorin' the Tardis" by The Timelords. That song is predominately a mashup of the theme to the Doctor Who TV show and Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll Part 2".

See also: 313 - Rock and Roll Part II (The Hey Song)

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