Freakout Traditions

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Things which are traditionally done by members of the band at the Big Red Freakout!.

Rehearsal with the alumni

Many of the alumni who return for Freakout make an appearance at the rehearsal that morning to dust the cobwebs off of their instruments and get some of the songs back under their fingers.

Lasagna Dinner

The band holds a pre-Freakout lasagna dinner and face painting each year. Prior to 2005, the band and the alumni both attended the same lasagna dinner, but due to increasing numbers of returning alumni, the Alumni Association has held its own separate lasagna dinner every year since.


At the Lasagna Dinner, it is traditional that one (or more) of the freshmen in the band get the word "Frosh" written on his/her/their face(s). For a list of past year's Frosh, see here.

Freakout Gift

A free gift is given away by the Athletic Department to every person who attends Freakout. For a list of all past Freakout gifts, see Past Freakouts. For a gallery of pictures of past Freakout gifts, see Gallery of Freakout Gifts

Freakout Strippers

During the second period break, the band plays The Stripper while one or more strippers (usually, but not always band members) (usually, but not always female) strip at the front of the stage. For a list of past year's strippers, see here.

Post-Game Ice Time

Following the game, the band traditionally rents the ice for a session of running around on the ice. This usually involves a ball or other similarly spherical object being kicked/thrown around on the ice.

After Party

Following the ice time and the unloading party, the members of the band and the alumni have a post-Freakout party, usually at a local alum's house.

After-After Party

There is frequently another party after the After Party winds down.