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RPI's sports teams are known as the Engineers. The teams for men's and women's hockey, track and field, indoor track, cross country, football and tennis have always been known as the Engineers, while the rest of the varsity sports teams were known as the Red Hawks until 9/10/09 when the institute announced it would change all team names to the Engineers, reverting to the method used years ago by the school. The pep band will most commonly play at home men's and women's hockey games, as well as home football games. Every home men's hockey and football game is broadcasted by WRPI 91.5 FM, RPI's college radio station.


Current Rosters
Men's Hockey Women's Hockey
Number Name Position Year Number Name Position Year
3 Guy Leboeuf D 2014 1 Sara Till G 2016
4 Craig Bokenfohr D 2016 2 Eleeza Cox F 2015
5 Luke Curadi D 2015 3 Kathryn Schilter D 2015
6 Phil Hampton D 2016 4 Ali Svoboda F 2015
7 Zach Schroeder F 2015 5 Katie Daniels (C) D 2013
9 Matt Neal F 2015 6 Madison Marzario D 2014
10 Curtis Leonard D 2015 7 Delaney Middlebrook D 2016
11 Bo Dolan D 2014 8 Taylor Mahoney F 2015
12 Johnny Rogic F 2014 9 Missy Mankey F 2014
14 Greg Burgdoerfer F 2013 10 Lauren Wash F 2016
15 Jacob Laliberte F 2015 11 Alexa Gruschow F 2016
17 Milos Bubela F 2016 12 Jenn Godin D 2016
18 Travis Fulton F 2016 13 Mariana Walsh F 2015
19 Mike Zalewski F 2016 14 Toni Sanders D 2014
21 Mark McGowan F 2015 15 Taylor Horton (C) F 2013
22 C.J. Lee (C) F 2013 16 Mari Mankey F 2016
23 Brock Higgs F 2014 17 Clare Padmore F 2014
24 Chris Bradley D 2016 19 Jordan Smelker F 2014
25 Andrew Commers F 2016 21 Andie Le Donne D 2013
26 Mark Miller F 2016 23 Nona Letuligasenoa D 2014
27 Marty O'Grady F 2013 24 Brandi Banks D 2016
28 Matt Tinordi F 2014 26 Kristen Jakubowski F 2012
29 Nick Bailen D 2013 30 Brianna Piper G 2015
32 Bryce Merriam G 2013 31 Kelly O'Brien G 2015
33 Jason Kasdorf G 2016
34 Scott Diebold G 2015
39 Ryan Haggerty F 2015

Sport with stick and puck and ice.

Big Games

There are a number of hockey games over the course of the season that carry special significance.

Big Red Freakout!

Recent Opponents and Results

2011-2012: Colgate L 3-8
2010-2011: Yale W 5-2
2009-2010: Princeton L 0-7
2008-2009: Yale L 1-4
2007-2008: Princeton L 0-4

For information on Freakout, see this page.

Black Friday

Black Friday started during the 2003-2004 season to honor the passing of women's hockey coach Bill Cahill and equipment manager Tom Cavosie. This game now takes place on the first home ECAC Hockey game of the season. Free admission is given to all students wearing black, and members of the band are given black t-shirts which they wear over their regular rugby shirts. The team also wears special black jerseys for the game which are raffled off for charity afterwards. In 2010, Black Friday was replaced with Black Saturday. RPI is 7-2-1 all-time in Black Friday games.

Recent Opponents and Results

2012-2013: Union L 2-4
2011-2012: Yale L 0-2
2010-2011: Union W 4-3 OT
2009-2010: Yale W 5-2
2008-2009: Harvard W 3-2

For a complete list of Black Friday results, see this page.


White-Out started during the 2004-2005 season under the name "White-Out Wednesday" as a gimmick to draw a crowd for a rare mid-week game. The White-Out game has since become an annual event whose scheduling remains somewhat mysterious to the band. RPI is 2-4 (or 2-5) all-time in White-Out games.

Recent Opponents and Results

2011-2012: White-Out may or may not have been played this year. See Senior Night below for what might have been White-Out.
2010-2011: Cornell L 2-3 (OT)
2009-2010: Cornell L 1-2
2008-2009: No White-Out game was played this year.
2007-2008: Clarkson L 1-3

For a complete list of White-Out results, see this page.

Senior Night

Senior Night is the last home game of the regular season. RPI is 34-27-1 in Senior Night games since 1950.

Recent Opponents and Results

2011-2012: Princeton L 2-6
2010-2011: Quinnipiac T 2-2
2009-2010: Princeton L 0-7
2008-2009: St. Lawrence L 0-2
2007-2008: Clarkson L 1-3

For a complete list of Senior Night results, see this page.


That other sport.

Big Games

Like for hockey, there are a few football games over the course of the season that carry special significance.

Dutchman's Shoes Trophy Game

Every year, the Engineers play Union for possession of the Dutchman's Shoes Trophy. Dating back to 1886, it is the oldest college football rivalry in New York State. Since 1950 (when the trophy was introduced), Union leads the series 46-16. At the current date, the Shoes reside at Union.

Transit Trophy Game

Every year, the Engineers play Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) for possession of the Transit Trophy. Since 1980 (when the trophy was introduced), RPI leads the series 21-10-1. At the current date, the Transit Trophy resides at RPI.

Shot Glass Trophy Game

From 1944 to 2005, the Engineers played the Coast Guard Academy for possession of the Shot Glass Trophy. Coast Guard leads the series 33-19-2, though they've only won 7 times since 1985. The series between the two schools ended following Coast Guard's departure from the Liberty League following the 2005 season. Since RPI won the most recent game of the series, the Shot Glass Trophy resides at RPI in the '87 gym.

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