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About This Cheer

This cheer is an arrangement of the chorus in "Apache" by the Sugarhill Gang. It was arranged in 2007 by Chris Behrens '08.

Instrumentation Requirements

This cheer really shouldn't be played without a quint/quad drummer who can carry the two measure drum breaks in between the melody. Other than that, most instrumentations will work. It helps to have a trumpet player who can play the high part, as well as good balance in the harmony and bass parts.


  • This cheer was added to the active set in January 2007 when the cheer sheets were rewritten. It quickly became a crowd favorite, with people dancing along to the cheer each time it is played. The dance (popularized on the TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) can be seen here.
  • Jump On It was edited in 2010 to be in the key of Bb instead of the original key of A. It was added to the cheer sheets as such in 2012.