Katamari on the Rocks

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About this cheer

Arranged by Tim Tesluk '07

This is the main theme song from the whacky japanese game for the Plastation 2 game console: Katamari Damacy. This game must be played at least once to fully appreciate the music. It is a game which inspired a large cult following, and one or more sequals.

Instrumentation requirements

This cheer sounds wrong if there is not at least one or two people covering each basic instrument. There are a lot of different melodic lines and rhythms going on at once. Probably one of the most difficult cheers on the cheer sheets.


This cheer was added to the cheer sheets in January 2007, when the cheer sheets were rewritten to add songs and make the print more legible.

During the rewrite, this cheer underwent the most changes of any added. Due to range and voicing issues, parts were shifted many times. While listening to the computerized cheer sheets in arranging meetings, it was pointed out that this cheer has exposed some of the funnier shortcomings of MIDI playback, including ridiculous exaggeration of glissandi and a compounding 8va marking.

Katamari on the Rocks was removed from the cheer sheets in 2014.