Let's Go Red

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Let's Go Red (repeat ad nauseum)

or alternately,
Let's Go Tute (as in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Cornell also uses this as their primary cheer, as they are known as the “Big Red.” However, it’s a little known fact that Cornell did not have a single uniform color for all of their sports teams before Ned Harkness, long-time RPI hockey and lacrosse coach, came to Cornell and suited up his players in red, as he was used to at RPI. Cornell may be the Big Red – but we invented the color. Still, when traveling to Cornell, it is usually best to distinguish by using “Let’s Go Tute!” as a substitute.

Some members of the band add "And White" after each repetition to denote the fact that the hockey team wear white jerseys for home games.