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About this cheer

This cheer (despite its name) is actually not Mexican at all - it is an excerpt from the famous pasodoble España Cañí, also known as the Spanish Gypsy Dance. It was written by Pascual Marquina Narro around 1925 and is arguably the best known snippet of Spanish music ever. It is commonly heard at bullfights in Spain and at various sporting events in the U.S. This version was transcribed by Steve Mulick in 2007.

Instrumentation requirements

The entire band is in unison, so any instrumentation will sound fine. When there is an able player, the trumpet solo should be played at the end.


When other pep bands play this cheer, one of our trumpets will typically play the solo at the end.

This cheer was added to the cheer sheets during the 2007 rewrite.

Prior to 2007, the trumpet solo was the only part of this cheer that was actually written down. The music for the solo had been passed on from trumpet to worthy trumpet through the years, but sometime in the mid-2000s the original copy of the solo was lost. This caused the solo to not be played for several years afterward. During the 2007 rewrite, Steve Mulick wrote the solo (and the rest of the cheer) into the cheer sheets to prevent future problems.

Dan Schwarting tried the solo on a mellophone at a women's game in Feburary 2007. Results were far less than spectacular.

Past Mexican Cheer soloists

2016-2017: Ezra Tucker
2011-2016: Devin Glenn
2006-2007: Steve Mulick
2001-2002: Mark Doherty
1998-1999: Jamie Haletky
1997-1998: Martin Kosto

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