Pavillon de la Jeunesse, Québec City, PQ, Canada

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Pavillon de la Jeunesse
Location Québec City, PQ, Canada
Distance from RPI 364 mi.
Venue name Pavillon de la Jeunesse

The Pavillon de la Jeunesse is a small arena in Québec City that seats 5,000. It hosts ice hockey games and other ice sporting events.

Where to stay

During the October 2008 trip the band, team, fans, and Vermont's team stayed at the Hôtel Ambassadeur. The hotel is a 5-6 minute cab ride from Old Québec.

What to do

Old Québec (Vieux-Québec) is a good place to walk around, with plenty of places for food, drinks, and shopping. It's a European style city that is the only remaining walled North American city north of Mexico.

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