Pete Casellini

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Hits things with sticks. Lately, those things have been the Quads.

Notorious for being late and wanting to use his own gear.

Civil Engineering 2010, minor in Architecture.

Random Trivia

  • Also a WRPI DJ
  • His go-to stick for Pep Band percussion applications lately is the Pro-Mark Oak 747. (However, for performances between periods on Quads, he may switch over to Vic Firth 7A Nylon tips for lower volume levels and more clarity. For National Anthems/the Alma Mater, he'll either remain tacet or switch over to Vic Firth Staccato Timpani mallets.) He finds general marching sticks do not provide the maneuverability he requires due to their weight, and do not respond as well to the way the Pep Band prefers to tune its drums.
  • First met Bickford when his Boy Scout Troop back home went to a summer camp in Vermont that Bickford was a counselor at. Casellini wore an RPI Hockey shirt one day and Bickford freaked out. Now, at least 5 years later, they're in the same freaking Pep Band. Weird, huh?