Princeton University

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Princeton University
Location Princeton, NJ
Distance from RPI 195 mi.
Venue name Hobey Baker Rink

As of 1997, the band traditionally never traveled to Princeton due to rumors of bad blood between the Hobey Baker Rink staff and the band. Conductor Jim Cronen and about fifteen members of the band were attending a New Year's Eve party at the home of John Cloninger, and the multi-day party was extended to the following Saturday, January 3, 1998. Mike Brown and others borrowed instruments (including a bass drum and a tuba) from West Hall and schlepped them to New Jersey.

Through the Houston Field House box office staff, Jim was able to acquire tickets to the January 3 game for a group of fifteen. It was not mentioned to the Field House staff nor to the Hobey Baker Rink staff that the band would be making an appearance.

The small but instrumentally complete band descended on Baker Rink on the evening of Saturday, January 3, 1998. Despite arriving at the game unannounced, the band encountered little resistance with the Princeton team, staff, students, or fans. This is likely due to the fact that the trip occurred at a less-attended game during the Christmas break. RPI fans attending the game were impressed to see the small but devoted band.

Since 1998, the band has made several trips back to Princeton University.

Where NOT to stay

Howard Johnson at 2 Albany St, New Brunswick, NJ - "featured" tiny rooms with unstable ceilings and walls, as well as abysmal showers and pathetic breakfast. General consensus was to check out the Holiday Inn Express up the road instead next time.

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