Quinnipiac University

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Quinnipiac University
Location Hamden, CT
Distance from RPI 150 mi.
Venue name Northford Ice Pavilion (thru 1/07)

TD Banknorth Sports Center (after 1/07)

When it joined the ECACHL for the 2005-2006 season, Quinnipiac's Men's and Women's teams initially played at the Northford Ice Pavilion in Northford, CT. This venue quickly became notorious for its poor ice conditions, limited seating, and extremely low ceiling. It was a community ice rink being used for Division I hockey. Quinnipiac's teams also played a few "home" games at Ingalls rink at Yale University and the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, CT.

Quinnipiac remedied this problem early in 2007 when they opened the TD Banknorth Sports Center, a combination basketball/hockey venue with better seating, sight lines, and team accommodations. The $52 million venue seats 3,286 for hockey, making it the 5th largest rink out of the 12 in the ECAC.

The Quinnipiac Pep Band was formed in approximately 2001 and is funded by the QU Athletic Department. Lack of funding and support by the school has kept the band from growing very large, and the band often faces severe heckling from rowdy students at games. When the RPI Pep Band last traveled to Quinnipiac, their band's leadership expressed interest in coming to a game at RPI, as the two bands got along well and had a good time.

The bands played together in 2007 for the 2006-2007 ECAC championships when the Bobcats took on the Clarkson Golden Knights. Quinnipiac fans commented on the quality of music coming from the band that night, as they had grown accustomed to not hearing them at the TD Banknorth Sports Center. Quinnipiac's administration had issued a decree along with the new building that PA music would be played during stoppages and after goals, leaving the band with little to no opportunity to play during a game. This issue will be worked on for the coming season, so that both Quinnipiac's and visiting bands will have the opportunity to play for games at the TDBNSC.

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