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The Quinnipiac University Pep Band (QUPB) is the pep band of the Quinnipiac Bobcats, one of the other teams in ECAC Hockey.


The QUPB was formed in 1998, coinciding with Quinnipiac's entrance into Division I athletics, and is currently the only instrumental music group on their campus. Story has it that early that season Quinnipiac's Athletics Director walked past two students playing drums and trumpet and said "Ladies and gentlemen, the Quinnipiac Pep Band!" The rest, as they say, is history. The QUPB is funded by the QU Athletics Department, which gives them a certain amount of control over where and when the band can perform. From the band's inception to about 2007 lack of funding and support by the school had kept the band from growing very large, and as a result the band often faced severe heckling from rowdy students at games. When we traveled to Quinnipiac in November 2006, the QUPB's leadership expressed interest in coming to a game at RPI, as the two bands got along well and had a good time. Though this has yet to happen, it is through no fault of the band's (the Athletics Department went beyond funding here by directly not allowing the band to play at the Field House, even if they carpooled). Later that season the band visited Albany for the ECAC Championship game against Clarkson.

In the time that has passed since then, the QUPB has taken huge strides in recruitment and musicality, growing to a group of at least 25 regular members with a fairly balanced instrumentation. Recruitment was no doubt helped by the completion in 2007 of the TD Bank Sports Center, which is a much nicer venue than the Northford Ice Pavilion could ever hope to be. It also has the distinct advantage of actually being on campus. America's Pep Band has visited Quinnipiac on several occasions in the past five years, each time playing a handful of songs with the QUPB. Although the Athletics Department and fans have started taking the QUPB seriously as a group, they are still severely limited as to when they can play, with the PA system being frequently turned up to drown out the band. This is all despite frequent chants from the student section of "Let the band play!" Hopefully this will be remedied in years to come, as the band more than deserves more playing time.

Recent Visits

  • March 17, 2007
    • This visit was to the Times Union Center for the 2007 ECAC Championship game vs. Clarkson. The QUPB gave an invitation to America's Pep Band to help fill out their spring break depleted numbers which was quickly accepted, and a good time was had by all (except for Clarkson fans, who spent the next week and a half complaining about us being there. Really.).


Fight Song

Quinnipiac doesn't have a traditional fight song, as their pep band is relatively new. While home hockey games were played at Northford Ice Pavilion (through 2006), the QUPB would play a shortened arrangement of I Can't Turn You Loose at the beginning and end of each period and whenever the team scored. This later caused confusion with some Clarkson fans at the 2007 ECAC Championship game. Once their hockey team moved into the TD Banknorth Sports Center (now called the TD Bank Sports Center) in 2007 there were heavy restrictions put on the QUPB as to when they could play, keeping them from playing after goals or when their team entered or left the ice. During this time canned music was played for these occasions. Starting February 26, 2010 the QUPB is once again playing the goal song which is now an arrangement of Brass Bonanza that is more faithful to the original version of the song than the America's Pep Band version of the song. It was an instant hit with Quinnipiac fans, especially since Hamden is so close to the former home of the Hartford Whalers.

Alma Mater

Quinnipiac currently does not have an Alma Mater.

Shared Arrangements

Other Songs

QUPB Arrangement Corresponding APB Arrangement
25 or 6 to 4 25 or 6 to 4
Beat It Beat It
Brass Bonanza Brass Bonanza
Build Me Up, Buttercup Build Me Up, Buttercup
Centerfold None
Darth Vader Imperial March
Eye of the Tiger Eye of the Tiger
Freeze Frame Freeze Frame
Gimme Some Lovin Gimme Some Lovin'
Gonna Fly Now Gonna Fly Now
Hard Days Night None
Hey! Baby Hey! Baby!
I Can't Turn You Loose I Can't Turn You Loose
Indiana Jones Raider's March
Louie Louie - Hang On Sloopy Louie, Louie/Hang On Sloopy
The Magnificent Seven The Magnificent Seven
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
Night on Bald Mountain Night on Bald Mountain
Proud Mary Proud Mary
Psycho None
Smoke on the Water Smoke on the Water
Sweet Caroline Sweet Caroline
Walk This Way None
We Will Rock You None
You Can Call Me Al You Can Call Me Al

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