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This page is for people to write down memorable quotes.

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General quotes


"If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing." -Old band saying

"Are we there yet, Daddy Ray?" -Old (no pun intended) band saying

"Angle AJ, Angle!"

"This van needs 'Oh $h!t' handles." -Jeff Carroll

"The ice must have been slippery." -Joan Gitnick

"I'm not as dumb as I am." -Dave Schroeder

"142, Give Me Some Lovin'!" -Tim Vanderpoel
"NO!" -The Band
"That's ok, I have the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition!" -Tim Vanderpoel

"If Vickie is a verb, then how do you do Vickie?" -Victoria Myers


"I'll Ground your Round." -Andrew Bickford, in Providence

"Hey Walsh, I slept with your wife!" -Neil Havlak, to St. Lawrence coach Joe Marsh

"Where's your messiah now?" -Unknown, at an RPI/Sacred Heart Game


"Give me an E!" -Tim Tesluk
"E!" -Band
"Thanks." -Tim


"We've got to maintain denausible pliability." -Gary Russinko

"Warm up the sheep!" -Neil Havlak, after a Colgate band chant of "Warm up the bus!"

"That's what she said!" -The Band


"How can you not like bacon? It's meat candy!" -Drew Hoyt

"Tim, you should try this. It's yum." -Gary, on O'Doul-Aid

"Do we want to do The Stripper?" -Mike Franke


"And remember: if you die in Canada, you die in real life." -Bonnie


"You have plenty of time to get loud, so... so calm the f*** down." -Curtis


"Shh... Men are talking." - Tony
*slap* - Helen

"If you duct tape my mouth shut, I can still touch you awkwardly." - Tony

"Was that a hand or a foot? Whatever it was, it tickled me." - Zach


(After a loss) "At least we still have each other!" - Tony
"Shut up." - Zach

"Chameleon!" - Zach
"Jump on It!" - Tony
"No, Chameleon." - Zach
"You're a d***." - Tony

"I'm from Canada, and we have a saying up there: 'YOU GUYS ARE F*CKING GREAT!'" - Senior Defenseman Mike Bergin's father after the playoff series win at Clarkson.


"Hey band. So we got pulled over..." - Mike Watterson on the Clarkson/SLU roadtrip

Count off: "1 2"
"Aw s***" - Alan Carey


"All Store." - Susan Roggenkamp, while trying to call out the song All Star.


"All hail your saxophone overlords." - Banner made by Greg and Kyle