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The Red Army was founded at the beginning of the 2006-07 season as an outgrowth of the previous season's Go Be Red competition. Its goal is to be a group of active fans at RPI athletic events akin to the pep band, only without instruments.
From the Red Army website:

   Satisfy your urge to jump up and down, cheer until your muscles ache and shout until your throat
   is Rensselaer red. Our primary purpose is to support RPI athletics by making sure student fans
   are heard loud and clear. The Red Army inspires students with pride in Rensselaer by promoting
   school spirit and energizing traditions. Greater involvement in all events and by all students
   on campus—especially at sporting events—is our mission.

Though initial excitement was quite high, the Red Army has largely failed to live up to many people's expectations in its first year. This is partly due to the fact that its membership is largely freshmen who have not had the time to learn the traditions of RPI athletics (or upperclassmen who haven't bothered to do so). Its members also have generated animosity with other fans at home hockey games by standing up and partially obstructing their view of the game. They also got into the bad graces of the band after a a series of misunderstandings, culminating in a shouting match over the playing of Jump on It and an inflammatory letter in the Poly in February 2007. The band has since mended its ties with the Red Army.