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This page is a template for how the music pages should be formatted. The headers below are suggestions, and may be removed if not relevant to a particular song. The title of a music page should be "xxx - Song", where xxx is a three digit number, even if the song number is below 100.

About the song

Put in information here about the particular song, like the original composer or band.

Instrumentation requirements

Need a big trumpet section? Glock solo? Put that info here.


If for any reason we don't play the song as it's written, make a note of it.


It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the ri-i-i-i-i-ight.


When a song was purchased and who purchased it, if the song is a reference to a particular thing, special circumstances under which we play the song, etc.


When creating a new page for a song, put in the following tag at the bottom:


If this is in the active set, also tag it

[[Category:Active Songs]]

If this song is permanently retired, tag it

[[Category:Retired Songs]]

If this song has been recorded by the band, tag it

[[Category:Recorded Songs]]