St. Lawrence University

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St. Lawrence University
Location Canton, NY
Distance from RPI 215 mi.
Venue name Appleton Arena

The St. Lawrence Saints have played in the ECAC since its formation in the 1961-1962 season. They are travel partners with Clarkson.

Where to Stay

In 2005, the band rented out a significant portion of a small resort named "The Stone Fence" in Ogdensburg/Morristown, including two nice town houses for the senior members. It also had a fine view of Canada across the river. These cabins proved to be very nice locations for Friday evening's obligatory road trip party. The resort was also incredibly inexpensive, as the middle of the winter is certainly not high season for a summer resort. The resort is a bit of a drive from Canton (about a half hour), but it is worth the trip.

In 2011 the band returned to the Stone Fence, and as the attendance on the trip was low due to RMA concerts, the entire band stayed in the town houses.

What to Do

Unfortunately, there's not really much to do in and around Canton. During the band's trip to the North Country in 2005, they spent the bulk of their Saturday at the St. Lawrence Centre, a mall in Massena which has a public, indoor skating rink in addition to a small assortment of stores and a food court.

In 2011 the women's game at SLU was a day game, and without time to go to Massena the band explored Canton. With a lot of time to kill and not much to do, some of the band opted to watch a movie at the local theater over wandering around town for a couple hours.

Where to Eat

Sergi's Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant - try the garlic bread.

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