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About this cheer

This cheer is an arrangement of "Tequila", written by Daniel Flores and originally recorded by The Champs in 1958.

Instrumentation requirements

As long as there are at least two people to play the bass line, the cheer will work.


In the B section, swings their horns left, then right, then left during the held out notes at the direction of the conductor.


  • After finishing playing the cheer, a short vocal cheer is performed:
Have one, tequila
Have two, tequila
Have three, tequila
Have four more
One tequila! Two tequila! Three tequila! Four! Five tequila! Six tequila! Seven tequila! More! Eight tequila! Nine tequila! Ten tequila! Dead! Eleven tequila! Twelve tequila! Thirteen tequila... Angle AJ!

The first half of the vocal cheer is sung to the tune of Hava Nagila, while the second half is shouted with emphasis on the numbers.

  • What is yelled after "Thirteen tequila" varies depending on who you ask. "Angle AJ" has spent the longest length of time here, followed by "It was over the line", the even shorter-lived "Go Techburger", or "That's how we answer!" "Angle AJ!" came about during a St. John Fisher football game in which the opposing coach yelled "The angle, AJ! You've got to get the ANGLE!" at one of their players while making the now famous fist pumping gesture. The then current members had no idea what he meant by that, but picked up on it quickly. "Angle AJ!" is always accompanied by the fist pumping gesture. "It was over the line!" is a reference to Hobart's coach screaming during a 2005 football game after what appeared to him to be a Hobart touchdown. The coach was yelling so the entire crowd could hear, and it was clearly not a touchdown, so the band began mocking him mercilessly, to the obvious displeasure of the coach. "That's how we answer!" refers to a home football game against Utica in 2009. Utica's quarterback often ran in front of his teammates repeatedly screaming "THAT'S HOW WE ANSWER!" after a successful play, and is still mocked for this.