Three Blind Mice

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About This Cheer

Three Blind Mice is a children's nursery rhyme and musical round.


This cheer is never called. Instead, a handful of people will play this cheer in response to a particularly bad call by the referee. The joke is on the number of officials on the ice and their inability on the given night to make good calls. There is always a chance that the officials will call a penalty on the Engineers as a result of this cheer, so it is seldom played by the entire band (or very loudly).

In a 2007 playoff game at Colgate (reffed by Eugene Binda, Jr.) there was the remarkable occurrence of both the Colgate and RPI pep bands playing Three Blind Mice loudly and simultaneously, due to the exceptionally poor officiating job that night. Amazingly, bench minors were given to neither team.

Three Blind Mice was removed from the cheer sheets in 2014.