Toll Booth Song

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The Toll Booth Song is sung by the members of the band on all road trips whenever the bus passes through a toll booth. A line is added to the song during the first road trip of the Spring semester each year to commemorate that year's conductor. The song's origins are unknown by the current members of the band, though it would seem likely that it started sometime in the early 1990's as the list of conductors in the song is roughly that long.


Ahhhhhh (hold this when the toll booth first comes into sight, then start singing once the bus pulls out)
Oh, I wish all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops and oh what a rain it would beeeee-e!
I'd stand outside with my mouth open wide going "ah, ah-ah-ah ah-ah-ah ah-ah-ah"
ARGH! I kiss myself. MWaa!
Your Mother!
Dave Noble's a Geek!
Steph's a blonde!
Stand up, Kim!
Shut up, Jim!
Mike can fly!
Are we there yet Daddy Ray?
Jim doesn't suck!
Bill, you commie bastard!
Sebbie one hands it!
Tex tunes it, y'all!
Tiny Timmmmaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!
How do you do a Vickie?
Faster Charlie!
Arrr, Save Erin, Sarah!
Evacuate! Evacuate! Go, Dan, Go!
It's not your fault, Mike!
Malinski does it with one arm!
Right here, Curtis!
Will you be my girl, Drew?
Get a room, Zach!
Peaches, do your hips lie?
Did we slow down, Mama Susan?
Jon, you failed your final!
Where in the world is Alex McDonald?!
Jackie... iiiitttt's next!
Nice Pants James!
Is this the tempo, Chris? Bum bum bum bum...
Get out the way, Kelly!
Reno's a believer... in what? THE BAND!
Justin is sus!
Jacob, can I have a private lesson?
Guess who's back, back again, Justin's back, tell a friend!
Alex, it's four-on-four hockeyyy!
Are you kidding me, Nick? That's a terrible call!