Union College

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Union College
Location Schenectady, NY
Distance from RPI 20 mi.
Venue name The Frank L. Messa Rink at Achilles Center
Frank Bailey Field

Due to the short distance between Troy and Schenectady, the band attends every football and hockey game which RPI's teams play against the Dutchmen.
Union fancies itself our chief rival, though they lack much of a résumé in hockey (they've yet to win a postseason series since joining the ECAC at the start of the 1991-1992 season). The schools are much bigger rivals in football, where the two teams compete for the Dutchman's Shoes trophy annually.

Things to remember when going to Union

As with trips to other schools, there is little room for people and instruments, so try to leave cases in the van or a bandmate's car. In addition, try to minimize any excess baggage (purses, backpacks, etc.), as there are staff waiting at the door to the arena that will search you. The staff are so dilligent because Union fans have a history of expessing their feelings via citrus. There is a "traditional throwing of the oranges" that is supposed to accompany Union's first goal of the night. This has and will lead to not only warnings, but delay of game penalties for Union's team. Because of this, no oranges are allowed to enter the arena (sorry if you have scurvy!).

It should also be noted that the Union fans take their rivalries seriously, and the band may not be welcomed warmly to their ice. They may not be Clarkson fans, but "RPI sucks" is not an uncommon sound.