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The White-Out game began during the 2004-2005 season under the name "White-Out Wednesday". It was a gimmick to draw a crowd for a rare mid-week game - if you wore white, you got into the game for free. Since then the White-Out game has become an annual event whose scheduling remains somewhat mysterious to the band. RPI has a 5-6 all-time record in White-Out games.

White-Out 2012

White-Out 2012 was originally scheduled for the home game against Princeton, but about half-way through the season all mentions of the game were removed from the RPI Athletics website. In the weeks leading to the game, however, game notes still referred to the game as White-Out. The game itself was not advertised as White-Out on game day and there was no gift. As such, no one is really sure if White-Out happened or not.

Past opponents and results

2016-2017: Cornell L 3-4
2015-2016: Cornell W 1-0
2014-2015: Cornell W 3-0
2013-2014: St. Lawrence L 0-4
2012-2013: Yale W 4-1
2011-2012: Princeton L 2-6
2010-2011: Cornell L 2-3 (OT)
2009-2010: Cornell L 1-2
2008-2009: No White-Out game was played this year.
2007-2008: Clarkson L 1-3
2006-2007: Cornell L 1-6
2005-2006: Cornell W 2-0
2004-2005: Providence W 4-3

Past White-Out gifts