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This page is for memorable quotes from the 2012-2013 season. See here for rules on editing this page.

General Quotes

"Was that your hand? Oh good, because it was in my mouth." - Zach Gannam

Count off: "1 2"
"Aw shit" - Alan Carey

"You had one job. Now you're demoted to ice." - Charles Martin regarding the refs at a women's game

"BE AGGRESSIVE! B-E AGGRESSIVE!" - Cheer trumpet section started using

"Can you name and demonstrate the hand signals for 10 penalties" - Band
"No" - Lev during elections

"Preform your favorite cheer? Be aggressive doesn't count" - Band member
"Oh shit." - Lev during elections

"I'll rule this band with a hammer and sickle" - Lev during elections

"A vote for us is a vote for Clarkson" - Jane and Jon during elections

Manager Quotes

"Hey band. So we got pulled over..." - Mike Watterson on the Clarkson/SLU roadtrip

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