Live from TSBMH 2007

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This recording is of the band's performance at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall as a part of the RMA concert on April 22, 2007. You can listen to recordings here.

Performers Heard on the Recording

Conductor Duties Split Between - Dan Schwarting and Mike Franke
Flute Alto sax Trumpet Mellophone Tuba
Andrew Bickford Chris Behrens Steve Camillieri Dan Garr Josh Elser
Winnie Chau Phillip Mendonca Neil Havlak Dan Schwarting Cameron Fackler
Michael Chu Kevin Schildhorn Kevin Kelly Trombone Percussion
Natalie Semczuk Tenor Sax Steve Mulick Duane Baker Casey Addy
Oboe Patrick Heider Gary Russinko Curtis Sheu Mike Franke
Amanda Santos Baritone sax Baritone Joe Palazzo
Steve Malinski Tim Tesluk Chris Shing

Track List

1. Children of Sanchez (2:34)
2. Brown Derby Jump (2:37)
3. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (1:39)
4. Shake a Tail Feather (1:39)
5. You Can Call Me Al (1:54)

Soloists Natalie Semczuk (Flute), Josh Elser (Tuba)

6. Alma Mater (2:01)


Due to a formatting error in program printing, Mike Steele's year got shifted down a line, making the third song of this performance '95-In-A-Gadda-Da.

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