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This page is for memorable quotes from before the 2004-2005 season. See here for rules on editing this page.

General Quotes

"A flute is a deadly weapon."

"Does that shirt have a knob on it?" -Brian Menyuk

"Tim -sleeps with- Tony" -the whole band

"Ellery, stop banging Jen against the glass!"

"If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing." -old band saying

"Does it look like I have the capacity to lay eggs!?" -Conan O'Brien

"Where's your cane, Ray?"

"Are we there yet, Daddy Ray?" -old (no pun intended) band saying

"It's not a tuba, it's a sousaphone!" -Dave Schroeder

"Looking at red will make you go blind." -Jason Shapiro

"Forwards, not backwards; upwards, not forwards; and always twirling, twirling, twirling." -The Simpsons

"Gangrenous defenestration, get jiggy with it!" -The 3 Musketeers (Jason, Dave, and Jen)

"Stop throwing your brain around and put it back in your pants where it belongs!"

"Flying Fucking Piano Zowie" -Bill Ruhsam


"JAIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Jim Cronen (upon seeing a trumpet-player after making his trumpet debut sight-reading all the music at the Hartford Civic Center in front of 8,000 people)

"It's not how you finger, it's how you blow." -Joan Gitnick


"Look over there, it's the Coast Guard Rescue Chopper!!!" -Joe Gillman, as a helicopter flew by while the RPI football team was kicking some major Coast Guard ass.

"Joan kicked Jason in the cowbell." -Dave Schroeder

"Tickle THIS Delwo!" -in reference to Dartmouth's goalie

"No, we need toilet paper... the round kind." -Kristian Mayville, on the Harvard/Brown trip

"WASSSUUUUPPPP!!!!" -Budweiser commercials

"Jeezus, dude! Get some pants!" -some guy to Justin Becker

"JOOOOLEEEE" -poor Julie :)

"If only I had some Andrea-snacks." -Kristian Mayville

"Snap into a Slim Jim! Oooooh yeeaah!" or just "Snap into it!"

"Angle AJ, Angle!"

"Put your fingers in the holes!" -Nick, Jeff, and Bob, simultaneously

"I can choke it." -Mikey

"I'm keeping this head!" -Mikey, again

"How many of us really need to pull it out?" -Mark Doherty

"This van needs 'Oh $h!t' handles." -Jeff Carroll

"You could mate her." -Jim Felicito

"The ice must have been slippery." -Joan Gitnick

"Does he have to eat the hair that came in his beer?"
"No, it didn't come in my beer, it came from one of his balls."

"Without you, your life has no meaning." -some drunk Fiji brother at either UVM or Dartmouth, as heard by Dave Nangle and Eric Lynn

Manager Quotes

"I'm not as dumb as I am." -Dave Schroeder

"We're one giant, inbred, dysfunctional family." -Jason Shapiro

"Tell Sebastian to stop poking me with his light saber." -Andrea Catenaro

"I'm a transsectional!" -Jen Bernfeld

"Shut up, you're just a figurehead." -Jen Bernfeld, to Sebastian

"He's even better than Stay, Long, and Harder." -Corey
"You only need one of Hiscock." -Erica Baer

"I'm not useless! I can break rocks!" -Mark Matarazzo

"We're discussing the best way to finger." -Erica Baer

Conductor Quotes

"Pull it out and keep it out." -Bill von Achen

"It's too cold for me to just whip it out." -Sebastian Corbisiero

"I may be a guy, but I'm not stupid." -Sebastian Corbisiero

"142, Give Me Some Lovin'!" -Tim Vanderpoel
"NO!" -The Band
"That's ok, I have the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition!" -Tim Vanderpoel

"Baby Jesus is watching us." -Tim Vanderpoel

"If Vickie is a verb, then how do you do Vickie?" -Victoria Myers

"Sounds like someone wants a beat down" -Victoria Myers
"Oh yeah!" -The Band

"I'm 'sucks', dammit!!" -Sarah Toner

"That's not a mirror." -Bill von Achen (while [drunkenly] looking at the picture window in living room at White Sled)

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