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About this cheer

There are two versions of this cheer, the football and the hockey version. The football version is as written in the cheer sheet, and the slight difference is that in the hockey version, the vocal part is cut, with no pause where it would have been. This is due to the fact that there are no endzones or suitable analogies in hockey.

This cheer is based loosely on the military's Mess Call, a bugle call used to announce meals.


Jim Cronen started using Free Beer as a hockey cheer, just to increase the available repertoire of cheers. To differentiate the two versions of the cheer, the hockey version was announced as "Free Beer Minus Two Measures". Because it was clear when the two versions of the cheer were to be played, both versions eventually were called just "Free Beer".

When the conductor calls this cheer, it is customary for the band to yell "Where?".

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