It's Friday Night

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This cheer is typically done when we're on a power play and the team isn't taking a lot of shots, but can be used any time our offense is overly hesitant to take shots.

Someone from the band will yell "It's Friday night!", to which the band will reply "Take some shots!". Friday is replaced with whatever day it is, and night is replaced with whatever time of day it is. The cheer originated from the obvious double entendre on shots, meaning both to shoot the puck and to take a shot of liquor.

There are several variations of this that are used should we need to use this cheer more than once in a game. One of them has someone from the band yelling "You're not drunk yet!" to be followed by "Take more shots!". Another is "She's still ugly!", again followed by "Take more shots!". The last one is seldom done above a spoken tone because of its offensive nature. There can also be many other variations of this cheer, limited only by the creativity of the members of the band.