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After the announcer says "One minute remaining in the _ period," the band (and the crowd) yells,

Oooone Minute and Clarkson still SUCKS!

At football games, where the one minute mark isn't announced, one member of the band who's watching the clock will start the cheer by yelling,

Hey Band, how much time is left?


This tradition, like many others was started by accident, and by ripping off another band. It was a long-standing tradition of the Clarkson Pep Band to scream One minute, and <opponent> still sucks!, substituting <opponent> with whomever they were playing that day. At one point during Jim Cronen's career with the band, he jokingly suggested that it would be really funny if we did that, too, but always screamed Clarkson. The "tradition" quickly caught on in the band, and spread to the fans, and has since become an unofficial slogan of the band, and of athletics at RPI in general. Jim regrets starting it to this day.